Jeffrey AgrellJeffrey Agrell is an Associate Professor of Horn at the University of Iowa. He has won awards as both a writer and composer, with over one hundred published articles and many compositions published, recorded on CD, and performed on concerts stage, competitions, and festivals, and broadcast on radio and TV worldwide. He frequently gives concerts, workshops, and lectures nationally and internationally. Recent recordings include the CD “Repercussions” with pianist Evan Mazunik, “Mosaic” with Duende (horn, cello, piano) on MSR Classics, “Side Show Tim” with Cerberus (horn, trumpet, tuba) on Dane Records, and “Soundings” with MSR Classics (horn, percussion, + electronica).

Jeffrey came onto my radar when a friend recommended his book, “Improvisation for Classical Musicians.” The book is a collection of 500+ music improvisation games of all kinds that enable traditionally trained instrumentalists, vocalists, pianists, educators, students, amateurs, professionals, composers, music therapists, pianists, conductors, and even jazz players to create their own music without jazz, and includes extensive explanatory and resource material.



Jeffrey’s Website

Improv Insights (another one of his websites)

Improvisation Games for the Classical Musician (Jeffrey’s book)





03:14 — Classical Jam Improv Two 6 (Ostinato) — Watch the video below!

22:17 — Improvisation in F# Lydian — Watch the video below!

50:07 — Santa Maria Sempr Os Seus Ajuda —

Intro/Outro — Transcontinental Railroad —



Classical Jam Improv Two 6 (Ostinato)

Improvisation in F# Lydian

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