TMI 36: Paul Jennings — Cajon

Paul Jennings has performed in over 25 countries, played a sell-out run on Broadway & has appeared on prime time television shows including ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly. He has received rave reviews for his work in publications including The New York Times & The Boston Globe.

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TMI 35: The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet


The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet is a one-of-a-kind chamber ensemble that plays original music for bassoon quartet with comedic performance elements. Dancing, pop culture references, skits, and accessory instruments set the joyous and sometimes surreal tone at BWBQ shows. The BWBQ began playing together in 2008 as undergraduate classmates at the Eastman School of Music, and since then they have developed a busy schedule of appearances at concert halls, schools, pubs, and community spaces throughout the United States. Their active Youtube channel has garnered a million views.

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TMI 34: Ryo Ishido — Composer & Graphic Artist

avatars-000018455221-m9cmwh-t200x200Besides his work as a composer, Ryo Ishido has designed GUIs (graphic user interfaces) for just about every sample library company out there. He has also made quite a mark designing album art. Ryo and I discuss his view on learning the tools you already have, the importance of artwork for music related products, and more. He opens up about a project that didn’t work out and the importance of staying true to our strengths as creative people.

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TMI 32: Deane Ogden — Musical Nomad


Deane Ogden is a musical nomad. A sonic chameleon. An itinerant creative Bohemian of sorts. As an American recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, his music has been described as “a well-established aesthetic of evocative world textures and compelling pristine pop rhythms.” (The Village Voice) He has written, recorded, and performed in over three-quarters of the known countries on the mapped globe. As a broadcaster and creative advocate, Deane has been called “an underrated voice in the music community” and someone who “understands the inside baseball of the business better than anybody.” (iTunes)

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TMI 31: David Weiss — Flutist for the Lion King


David Weiss, a New York City based musician, specializes in performing on flutes and woodwinds from many different cultures. Currently, Mr. Weiss performs with Disney’s “The Lion King” for which he is a featured orchestral soloist, performing on thirteen different woodwinds. He co-composed much of the flute music for that production, which has received numerous awards, including a 1999 Grammy.

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TMI 30: Tim Davis — Vocal Contractor & Arranger

From 6 seasons on Fox’s hit series Glee, to the latest release from Tyler the Creator, Tim’s collaborations as studio singer, vocal contractor, and arranger/producer span the music industry in seemingly every direction. In fact, it’s hard to escape Davis’s musical mark. If you’ve been to a Disney theme park, played a video game, bought a pop album, seen a tv show, commercial, or film in the last 20 years, it’s likely your interest has been piqued by Tim’s personal vocal stylings, or his innovative vocal arrangements, delivered by the army of LA’s best and brightest vocalists filling his roster.

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TMI 29: Jim Neglia — Percussionist & Orchestra Personnel Manager

jim neglia
Jim Neglia is a percussionist, music coordinator, contractor, personnel manager of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and author of Onward and Upward. My conversation with Jim will reveal a man with a lot of optimism and ingenuity. He has carved out a life for himself as a professional musician, following a winding path that has always included working as a percussionist. We discussed his views about the decline in attendance at classical concerts and some of the things the orchestra he works for, the NJSO, is doing to remedy the situation. We also talk about Jim’s book, Onward and Upward, which was published in 2012. Enjoy the conversation!

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